eCover 3D 2.0: eCover 3D is cover creatorfor ebooks, CD, DVD and software at

eCover 3D 2.0

cover software. With many exclusive special effects like `page flip` in the open book cover, eCover 3D truly is the new standard in ecover software. You will discover that ebook cover creation has never been easier with over 150 professionally pre-designed templates to choose from. Download the fully-functional free trial and try out eCover 3D for yourself. eCover 3D is award winning ebook cover software that solves all your cover design needs. You

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MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth Complete your album artwork collection with the highest quality album covers.

MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth

cover artwork for all of your audio files automatically. Discover the full potential of your audio device and Cover Flow with a complete album artwork collection! Unlike other cover art programs that support only the MP3 format, MuvUnder Cover supports all major file formats including APE, ASF, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4P, M4V, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPP, MP+, WMA, WMV, and WV. With MuvUnder Cover you`ll never lose your album cover art because the software embeds

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Cover Me 2.3: Cover Me is a tool to design, print, edit, scan and search Covers of any kind.

Cover Me 2.3

Cover Me is an easy to use tool to create, print, edit, scan and search Covers of all kind, like CD-, Single-CD-, DVD-, MC-Tape, Mini-Disc, Zip, LS and VHS. The integrated Cover-Editor allows you to add text (with shadow and grandient) and pictures to your Covers. Import File/Folder-Data, MP3-Data, Playlists and CD-Titles and place it as text on your Cover. An Amazon product and cover search is integrated and it`s for free. If you have images in

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TBS Cover Editor 2.4: Full featured book and DVD cover creator with 3D rendering and template library.

TBS Cover Editor 2.4

Cover Editor is a unique tool that will help you create any virtual cover image for your product presentation. Adding a photorealistic cover image to your website, banner, article, or print ad will attract more attention to your product and will bring more customers and sales to your business. Save yourself time: create virtual covers without overheads and superfluous operations With the TBS Cover Editor you can create your cover design in a single

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iCoverArt 1.1: An iTunes utility that automates embedding album cover art into song files.

iCoverArt 1.1

cover art into songs which do not yet have any. iCoverArt requires only iTunes (version 4.5 or later) installed on a Windows-based system. iCoverArt does not require an iPod. Of course, iCoverArt will also work great if you are using iTunes along with any type of iPod! iCoverArt is most useful if you have ripped your CD collection into iTunes, since you will not yet have cover art in those song files. iCoverArt can embed album cover images in JPG

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eCover Engineer 6.3.1: Create professional ebook covers, CD covers, DVD covers and software box covers.

eCover Engineer 6.3.1

covers, CD covers, DVD covers and software box covers. Edit pictures using eCover Engineer`s build in image editor and use one of our 100 free templates. Features: - Can create ecovers for software box, ebooks, magazines, notebooks, business cards, screenshots, vista software box and VHS tape - Real-time 3D Editing and Rendering - High image quality - Ability to import BMP, JPG, GIF, PSD and other file formats - Ability to resize the width, height

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Covermanager 1.5.0: Covermanager - print covers easily

Covermanager 1.5.0

Covermanager makes it easy to load movie, game, program or cd covers from the internet , or to use pictures stored on your harddrive. These covers can be printed in various formats (e.g, DVD, VCD) , or exported as pdf files. Features: - Printing covers in the following formats: Standard, Slim-Pack, DVD, DVD-Booklet, CD - Download of original covers from the internet - PDF export - Print Previews of covers - Fullscreen view of downloaded covers -

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Job Cover Letter Help Ebook Job Cover Letter Help Ebook - Simple and Quick Tips on How to Make a Great Cover

Job Cover Letter Help Ebook

So you want to write a cover letter? The Job Cover Letter Help Ebook is a quick and simple guide on on writing effective cover letters, avoiding the classic cover letter mistakes and capturing the employer`s attention. Answering questions like: Should I write a cover letter with salary requirements? to creating business cover letters that make a positive impact. Also includes video help guides.

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IndaSoftware Cover Professional 1.2: A program to create photorealistic, professional-looking 3D covers and box shots

IndaSoftware Cover Professional 1.2

Cover Professional, you can be sure that the cover your customer sees is professional looking and that it creates just the right impression. And first impressions are everything. In most cases, your products cover design is also your point of purchase display, so the better and more professional it looks, the better chance you have to make the sale. Until now, if you wanted a professional rendering of your software box cover, your book cover, CD

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Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader 1.4.0: Easily find and add cover images (album arts) to your mp3 files.

Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader 1.4.0

cover will be always there for you. Download now the software that will simplify your life: searching and applying the covers for you with a mouse click. Extended compatibility: covers will be shown in Windows, Mac, Windows Media Player, iTunes and many other players. WITH MP3 COVER DOWNLOADER YOU CAN: * Add cover images (album arts) to your mp3 files * Instantly search over the internet for the right cover * Change or remove any cover * Add your

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